Paperless-ngx with S3 using rclone

It’s easier for me to access all my data with some sort of a central storage – for this purpose I decided to use S3 a long time ago. Some cool tools I use do not have native s3 support (yet) but rclone helps with that. In this article I’ll show you how to use the docker volume plugin with a minio s3 storage configured in docker-compose.yml for use with paperless-ngx.

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Nextcloud with S3 using rclone

I had trouble with Nextcloud’s own implementation (external storage s3) as it would corrupt some of my photos on auto upload using the Android Nextcloud Client. This did not happen with s3fs, goofys, rclone and also did not happen without s3. Disabling chunking, tuning timeouts, nothing really helped. After testing with goofys, s3fs and rclone I decided to use rclone. Here’s how I did…

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