Using Nextcloud with MinIO

MinIO is an object storage. I like it a lot and was thinking about using it with Nextcloud. Let’s see

I decided to use my distributed MinIO system as external storage. I’m currently using Sidekick to loadbalance to the MinIO nodes.

This works pretty fine; tested with an NGINX Loadbalancer, Sidekick and tested with direct access to one of my MinIO systems. Best / fastest results I got with Sidekick btw.

However, I was running into several Nextcloud bugs (which might or might not be related to using object storage). I noticed that it is really important to set “check for changes” to “never”. Otherwise it keeps synchronizing and synchronizing and synchronizing and … checking. With no end.

Another thing I noticed is that I had trouble when I enable Object Locking in MinIO. In an older version I also had trouble with versioning. But I haven’t tested with the current nextcloud version, yet because I don’t need versioning.

Pretty cool isn’t it?

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